RPG Coming Soon

Welcome to BubbleTopia

An open-world Single Player RPG adventure game built using blockchain Technology.

RPGs using In-Game Tokens, NFTs and Virtual Avatars.

Connect with V-Tuber Avatars

Immersive integration with Avatars and NPCs. Follow your Favorite Avatar on Social Media Hang out, talk and interact with your favorite Virtual Avatar 

Feel the connection between you and your avatar which no other RPG can offer.  

Emi-Chan our V-tuber


Collect RPG NFTs. Avatars, Warriors, Pathfinders, Healers, Knights and Wizard NFTs.

Create and sell NFTs directly on our NFT Marketplace as you battle the opposing forces and search for the magic elixir.(Water of Life)

A Huge Roster to collect

Collect Warriors, Pathfinders, Healers, Knights, and Wizard NFTs that have amazing powers, as you battle the dark forces opposing your journey to find the water of Life.

In Game tokens

Buy, Sell and invest in our in game token DRAMZ representing BubbleTopia’s currency.

As you defeat more enemies you receive more in game tokens, to purchase NFTs and water of life tokens. 

Backed by Blockchain

Store your In-game tokens and NFTs in your wallet. 

By using blockchain technology we can provide a safe and secure decentralized approach to web3 gaming for our  community.

Say goodbye to GAS

Enjoy a new era of NFTs thanks to Polygon and Zero gas fees for peer to peer trading with instant transactions,

all while you securely maintain custody of your assets.

$DRAMZ Token

A Token with 20% BUSD Passive Income for Holders